TAP Coin Blockchain-based ad network starts with leisure discounts

When innovative tech solutions combine together, you know that something big will happen. All the latest rage in the tech world is around blockchain. So what happens when you merge blockchain with the world’s most popular drink-a-day app, HOOCH and the premiere experience app, HOOCH Black? The result is TAP Coin, the world’s first platform for a whole range of things- discounted leisure experiences, major brands, an integrated loyalty system and a decentralized advertising platform- the likes of which the world has not seen before. It really is the next big thing for the hospitality and experience industry.

TAP Coin has significant pedigree. It is is the brainchild of the creators of HOOCH, the first ever subscription drink app that rewards its members with one free drink when you visit top bars or restaurants from New York to Hong Kong.

In a sense, TAP Coin is the natural extension of HOOCH and HOOCH Black. It solves a whole host of pain points that many industries around the world face today. Poorly performing loyalty programs, inefficient digital advertising and privacy concerns are three major issues that face the digital world. Really, they all should have been fixed a long time ago. The technology exists, but it hasn’t been until TAP Coin has brought it all together that a viable solution has been offered to the market. Most interestingly, the network will all be based on blockchain.

How TAP Coin Uses Blockchain

So how exactly does the TAP Coin platform benefit from Blockchain?

The first is in its decentralized advertising platform. TAP Coin breeds independence for consumers, allowing them to own directly and monetise their own data, saying goodbye to the days of centralized monopolised advertising. This is thanks to the blockchain technology they use and the TAP Coin function. The token will be directly accessible to brands and other hospitality ventures which gives access to the transactional data but more importantly allows the purchase of advanced analytical packages as well as in app marketing tools which further fosters a culture between brands and consumers within the TAP ecosystem. The Smart Contract feature makes the data sharing between users and advertisers anonymous, another great tech feature embedded into the system.

TAP Coin plans to integrate the TAP wallet in all HOOCH member apps as the TAP wallet is the ticket to enjoying holidays and drinks at a cheaper rate while making use of the security, transparency and efficiency that Blockchain technology provides.

The tokens are accessible to users either by earning or buying them through activities as simple as sharing purchase data. Through the membership levels, tokens will be used to access drinks at top bars, hotels or restaurants and can be gifted to anyone at any point in time or better still used to access invaluable celebrity experiences. From every purchase that a user makes in any Hooch Network venue, the user will be getting a 10% bonus in TAP Coins. All of these features are made possible by the ledger system of the blockchain.

How did this come about?

The team that has made this come together includes Lin Dai (Co-Founder and CEO, HOOCH and TAP), Erick Miller (Board Member, TAP Founder, CoinCircle), Jared Christopherson (Co-Founder and CRO, HOOCH and TAP) and Christopher Sealey (MD, HOOCH labs and TAP). Several celebs have committed to bring TAP into the limelight, they include Shaun White, Rosario Dawson (Actress), Lawrence Bender, Maxwell (Grammy nominated artist), Stargate (Grammy awarded producers) and many more.


TAP Coin wants to constantly build more avenues for consumers to enjoy an unlimited experience as they partner with more bigwigs. Ensuring there is continuous growth in the open and secure data architecture across the industry, this will positively affect the brands associated with TAP as it provides an invaluable opportunity to partner with more brands within the TAP ecosystem and beyond.

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