RUMOR: LOCI Quietly Developing Tech Specific to China’s Market

It was early August when LOCI, the Washington DC-based patents and blockchain company, joined China’s largest IoT conference with a surprise announcement: going forward, users of would immediately be able to search China’s patent database.

The announcement sparked interest across China’s social media platforms as potential users and traders alike discussed the newfound attention LOCI was seemingly dedicating to China’s market. With intellectual property (IP) at the heart of the two nation’s recent trade battles, netizens mused about the potential bridge being provided, and the value that comes with it.

But Chinese enthusiasm dampened upon the realization that LOCI’s flagship software remained only available in English. Certainly, the ability to search China’s IP alongside the US and Eurozone’s was encouraging but for the great majority of Chinese, language barriers still stood between their hopes and actual user experience. Could LOCI, however, have more surprises to come?

Company leadership has been hush about any potential Chinese versions of their product suite. When contacted, LOCI’s spokesperson was informative but coy stating:

LOCI is as busy as ever increasing our capabilities with never-before-seen technologies like our recently launched Invention Analysis. This leverages machine learning to instantly provide users with dynamic scores and feedback for their potential patents… LOCI is building toward our IP Marketplace and continues to successfully hit our release targets on time.

While this official reply did introduce LOCI’s Invention Analysis feature, it wasn’t the confirmation we were looking for. And there was good reason to ask! The impetus for these questions is a growing amount of murmurs regarding this potential product development.

After further digging, today we can confirm we have obtained specific evidence suggesting LOCI is in fact developing a fully-functional Chinese version of their software. According to sources, this software will also require LOCI’s ERC20 token and is not only in development but well underway; slated for release before the end of this year.

Details of the product and how China’s market will be engaged remain scarce, but we are now confident a LOCI patent search engine for China is more than an idea, but a soon-to-be reality.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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