PUT Crowd Sale Instructions on Exchanges

The Robin8 Foundation is launching the PUT crowd sale on
several exchanges on the launch date, January 8 th , 2018 8:00PM
SGT. We are happy to announce that we have filled our quota for
the presale and are excited for the crowd sale to commence!

For those that participate early, you will receive an early bird
discount of 10% of the PUT price which brings the price to USD
0.73905 per PUT. This is based on a first come, first served basis
so please participate as soon as you can to get this discount! For
those that miss out, the price of PUT is USD 0.82116 per PUT.

How to Participate

PUT can be purchased on, Bitthai, Allcoin, Tokenbank,
and Lbank. Please follow the instructions provided on the
exchange to participate in the crowd sale. You will have to go
through KYC (Know Your Customer) to verify your identification
before proceeding to purchase. Citizens of the United States and
China are not allowed to participate in the crowd sale. All other
countries are not restricted from participating.

Receiving PUT Tokens

After you have completed the KYC on the exchange and
contributed to the crowd sale, please stay tuned to our Telegram
for updates on the progress of the crowd sale and issuance of PUT
Tokens. Our crowd sale will be held until February 8 th , 2018 or
until we reach the hard cap. We will announce this in our
Telegram so please make sure you have joined.

Once PUT tokens are issued, after the crowd sale, you can trade them on the exchanges they are available on. Keep in mind,however, that to transact you will need a balance of 0.1 QTUM to pay for gas when you transact on the QTUM blockchain (similar to Ethereum). PUTs are a QTUM compliant token (QRC-20) so you will always use QTUM to fuel your transactions.

To store PUT tokens you can download a QTUM wallet. Please
download the version that is relevant to your computer whether
you have MAC, Linux, or a Windows operating system.

Please connect with us on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Also,
visit our website to learn more about the profile-based economy
we are building on the blockchain with PUT.

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