Our Pre-Sale has begun – be a part of making crowdfunding free!

The Acorn Collective is making crowdfunding free, and accessible to all. Using the blockchain we are able to create a crowdfunding platform that’s the first to be completely free and accessible in any country.

Unlike leading platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo we:

  • Charge no fees to founders
  • Open to any legal project in any country
  • Have an integrated Acorn marketplace for campaign support services and post-crowdfunded products.

How does it work?

We use a fixed supply token (OAK) for all transactions in our crowdfunding hub, our post-campaign marketplace, our support services and our point-of-sales payment app. This ensures that we create real utility and thus real demand.

By using an ICO as our funding model, we put the ecosystem before shareholders. Blockchain gets rid of outside equity investors who need returns and payment providers who expect fees.

In short – we’re changing the crowdfunding industry, by crowdfunding it. This means developing countries are no longer shut out. It’s a revolution in funding access that encourages every community.


Take a look at our whitepaper for more details.

Why join our Pre-Sale?

  • Receive 50% discount on tokens ahead of main ICO
  • Over 40% of tokens already sold
  • $5 million cap during the pre-sale period

Early Highlights

Things are moving quickly at Acorn HQ – the team has expanded rapidly, bringing in experts and advisors from a wide range of industries including crowdfunding, marketing, and cryptocurrencies.

Just some of our early highlights include:

  • One of top rate ICOs on ICOBench with an average score of 4.1
  • Growing pipeline of ventures from all over the world waiting to list on our platform
  • Ex-CTO of CrowdCube, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, is on our board.
  • UCL Blockchain Group research fellows are on our board.

Let’s Change the Face of Crowdfunding:

We think our ICO fulfils the early promise of crowdfunding through improved transparency, a better incentive model and the right support. All other global platforms have shareholders to satisfy, which means the pick a few projects that they think will raise the most fees.  ICO changes that – we want an expansive global marketplace that is as available for a community food business in Ghana as it is a tech start-up in California”


Acorn’s Founder and CEO, Moritz Kurtz

I’d like to see Acorn provide the opportunities beyond Europe that I’ve seen crowdfunding provide within it — and within other established economies. Creating a global opportunity is a thrilling idea. There are so many thousands of people all over the world that have got fantastic plans that could really benefit.”


David Ives, Ex-CTO of Crowdcube, Specialist Crowdfunding and Technical Advisor.

For more information about how to contribute visit

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