Low-cap Projects with high Potentials

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Innovative ideas and projects have taken the blockchain technology to a whole new level. Finding a perfect combination of risk and reward is not easy in this saturated market. Many projects are now dead just after their initial launches. So, no one would ever want to invest in a Ponzi scheme that is going to be the next flop project.

The search for perfection never ends, and that’s why we have some amazing projects that are going to change the way we perceive blockchain and crypto market. Although these mentioned projects have a low market cap, their upside potential makes them perfect investments for upcoming Bull Run. It is not just about investment, but also about the idea and purpose behind their invention. These low-cap projects with high potential can be your best choice to take a start for the secured return of your investment.

Vibe: $16 Million Market Cap

Virtual reality and Blockchain are two emerging technologies right now. VibeHub is a project that is the combination of both technologies on a single platform. The mission statement of this project is to produce virtual spaces that can be used by individuals in every field. Attending live events, enjoying the social platforms in virtual reality has never been so easy. The VibeHub is the new virtual universe for meeting people all over the globe and take part in sporting activities.

Vibe Coin is based on Blockchain technology that allows millions of instructors and teachers to reach millions of users and students from different countries. The VibeHub platform provides the virtual reality facility for all to avail this opportunity by making transactions with Vibe Coins.

Their popularity ranks the instructors or teachers on the platform. Users can use tokens to access the content of the virtual reality and buy accessories too. Vibe has been a valuable addition to Blockchain technology after making record sales in its initial coin offering.

Loci: $1 Million Market Cap


This innovative project is one of the best of its kind under the 5 million market cap category. It is just like a social platform where the inventors can share their new ideas and concepts to get rewarded by the Loci Community. They have a complete running product that is equipped with professional tools, charts, and indicators to analyze the uniqueness and novelty of the presented startup idea and concept.

The problem of patenting your valuable ideas has been the biggest hurdle between inventors and investors. This blockchain based revolutionary project allows the inventors to access the biggest database of inventions. This platform can take care of problems faced by inventors like patent problems or analyzing the novelty of concept. The user-friendly platform provides full control over your ideas and fund raising opportunities.

Tokes: $2 Million Market Cap

The market cap of Tokes is not that much appealing, but it is a long run opportunity. Right now, the coin may not seem the most attractive opportunity, but in the next few years its potential is going to amaze the investors. Keep in mind that the next few years are going to take it to the 100x market cap position.

TKS is mainly focusing on providing a payment handling option for Marijuana business holders. Both buyers and sellers can make avail of this better payment option for dealings. There are some other amazing features too in this project.

The innovation in the Business

There are some other pot coins too in the market right now, but this one solves the real issues that are bothering the local businesses. They have major dealers and consumers as their partners. Cash dealings were compulsory in this business as banks don’t like to get involved with federal agencies. TKS is offering an alternative fiat gateway to both parties. Their pegging system also offers the risk-free investment that means no loss while withdrawing your payments.

Their established footprint in the Cannabis industry makes it a perfect opportunity for investors. All legal companies are looking forward to being their partner in the next few years after their launch in other states too.

Selfkey: $14 Million Market Cap

Finding secured storage for your sensitive data and information has been a major need of every technology user. You can never trust any service for your information safety unless it is on a blockchain based platform. Every one of us has his emails, passwords, and codes for many websites and platforms. This project aims for providing the one-stop market for securely storing, controlling and managing your digital identities.

The ultimate privacy and security offered by Selfkey makes it the best option. You don’t need to contact every party for information sharing as this platform has major agencies as their partners and you can safely share your documents with the listed agencies.

Another great feature of this project is to manage all of your cryptocurrency related analytics in one place. Users can store their crypto exchange passwords and information on this platform, and this feature is enough to skyrocket its fame among all available options.

MyWish: $1 Million Market Cap

The market cap of this project is relatively low as compared to other projects in this list but ignoring this amazing project will be unfair to our readers. A project is a real gem when it provides a solution to the real world problems along with safe investments.

Smart contract are famous these days all over the world but did you ever think that who is going to take control of your cryptocurrency in case of an incident? The MyWish project is the answer to this problem.

Very advanced and easy to operate interface of this platform allows the users to make contracts like real estate deals, wills, and insurances. The best thing is that you can even use this blockchain based platform for weddings too. This coin is going to touch the potential of 100x real soon. It is Ethereum based, easy to use and easy to access. These features make it best investment with the higher potential for growth.

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