Rewarding the eSports community by connecting to the blockchain

SKARA, developer and publisher of competitive combat games, has announced a €10m token sale that promises to introduce both innovative gameplay and disrupt established business models for video game publishers.

SKARA has adopted blockchain technology to decentralise the in-game economy, allowing players to keep real ownership of their hard-earned in-game assets, including SKARATs, safely and securely outside of the game’s control. This disrupts the prevailing model whereby games publishers reap the rewards of in-game transactions, pushing gamers towards risky black markets if they want to cash in on their hard work.

As such, SKARA players will be free to buy, sell or trade these assets for a profit in external markets, such as Counterparty, where SKARA has already placed some of these assets, which are already being traded. SKARA is also making it possible for players to win monetary prizes and for spectators to bet safely, all within the game.

And the opportunity is enormous. Since inception, the Alpha release of SKARA – The Blade Remains has clocked up more than 30 awards, 350,000+ installs via the market-leading Steam PC games platform and tens of thousands of in-game transactions.

But this is not all, While SKARATs will have an immediate use with the family of SKARA products, most notably the multiplayer game, the potential to increase the use of the tokens is unlimited. For example, it is common practice for game currencies to be exchangeable with one another on platforms such as Steam or PlayStation. To that end, we are already having conversations with studios that have a desire to use SKARATs within their game. Our advanced stage of development in terms of using crypto and the blockchain within games means we can help other parties so we can all benefit significantly.

START TIME Nov 17, 2017
END TIME Jan 23, 2018
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