The Future of Consumer Credit

Celsius Network is a New York-based fintech startup hoping to become the future of consumer credit The proprietary technology developed by the firm is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it extends instant credit to interested parties through a decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) network. The p2p network is akin to a membership organization and consists of both lenders and borrowers; users must complete their Celsius profile in order to join the Celsius Network. These Celsius profiles are dynamic and change according to the users’ history on the platform. The platform then proceeds to match borrowers with lenders by determining borrower credit limits and interest rates with accepting lenders. Smart technology is then used to bind the lender-borrower relationship. Borrowers’ metrics are ascertained using the Celsius score - a digital credit score calculated using various metrics such as FICO scores, mortgage histories as well as non-traditional ones such as Uber and Amazon transaction histories. The Celsius platform serves lenders by allowing them to decide who they will extend credit to using borrowers’ Celsius scores to determine their risk threshold. The decentralized lending platform hands the power of financial responsibility back to the general public by taking it away from the behemoth banks. Celsius helps build a trusted community, the success of which is pegged to the success of the Network itself. The firm is a non-profit organization and acts in the best interests of its members through lower fees and no hidden-fees. It also selectively allows borrowers to expand their credit limits and lower interest payments.
START TIME Jan 20, 2018
END TIME Feb 20, 2018
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